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‘And today, every time there’s a storm in the mountain,
The summit recalls this grim day and, recounting
The story, its echoing glory relays
From valley to valley, from age unto age!’ (Ivan Vazov)

Stoletov Bulgaria tours introduces a monument that stays proudly on a peak and reminds the Bulgarians of their glorious past. This monument is Shipka Monument and it is a symbol of the Russo-Turkish War. It speaks of the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire. The war follows the April Uprising from April 1876. It broke out prematurely and was quickly put down. That didn’t the least discourage the Bulgarians who were, against their will, part of the Ottoman Empire for 500 years. On the contrary, that increased their desire for independence

Vitosha Bulgaria Private Tours

Vitosha Bulgaria private tours

Doesn’t Vitosha Bulgaria private tours sound like a flying carpet to you? One that likes to take you on an imaginary journey around the mountain Vitosha. This is the fourth highest mountain in Bulgaria after Rila, Pirin and Stara Planina (Old Mountain or the Balkan). The mountain is relatively young and it’s in close proximity to the capital of the country, Sofia. That makes the city unique because it is situated at the foot of the mountain. Not many places can be that lucky.

On the territory of Bulgaria there are 37 mountains. 36 of them are in the southern part of the country. There are biggest and highest, most beautiful and alpine mountains.

Vitosha mountain is one of these 37 mountains (Vitosha Bulgaria private tours), as well as the symbol of Sofia.

Borovets Bulgaria Tours

The comfort to be with family and friends

Borovets Bulgaria tours, Borovets – the closest to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia and the biggest interntional mountain resort in the country. The resort is only 70 km away from Sofia which makes it a preferred place to relax and enjoy with friends and family.

What more can people who live in the capital ask for? On one hand, the big city with lots of opportunities and of course, lots of stress. On the other hand, the solution for a more relaxed life. After a busy day or week in the city a visit to the mountain, which is only 10 km away from Sofia, Vitosha can mean one thing only. A stress free escape f

Rila Lakes Bulgaria Tours

Seven Rila lakes Bulgaria tours

Magic and love are everywhere in Bulgaria. Everywhere you look around. Everywhere you go, you see and feel them. The seven Rila lakes Bulgaria tours are no exception. The Rila Mountain is not far from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. A personal Sofia tour can be a good start of a two day tour around Sofia and then The Seven Rila Lakes.

Firstly, the fact that the lakes are in the beautiful Rila Mountain. This is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. In Europe it takes the prestigious sixth place. The nature and beauty of Rila attract thousands of tourists every year.

Thracians, who lived on these lands, gave the mountain the name Dounkas. later, they changed it to Roula, which in its turn was altered to today’s Rila. Dounkas means a plac

Balkan tours 2018

Balkan Peninsula is among the most visited regions in the world. With Balkan Tours 2018 you will discover the modern and elite today and at the same time feel the mystic scent of history in the Balkan countries. These are countries that know a lot and lived a lot. Balkan tours that you will experience in these geographical regions you will remember as your unique moment.

In the Balkan tours 2018 you will be able to visit 16 cities including Kotor in a 14-day tour. 2018 Balkan tours include: Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia. Also, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro. Istanbul and Edirne in Turkey. Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece. Then, Kazanlak, Melnik, Sofia and Haskovo in Bulgaria. Dubrovnik in Croatia. Skopje and Ohrid in North Macedonia. Certainly, Sarajevo and Mostar i

Turkish War part 21

However he never ceased caring for Diogenes, and was heard to sigh deeply for him; he displayed great kindness towards him and tried to console him and reinstated him in most of the possessions of which he had been deprived. But Diogenes was frantic with grief, detested town-life and was fond of living on his own estate and devoting himself entirely to the works of the ancient writers which others read aloud to him. For as he was bereft of sight he used the eyes of others for reading. He was a man of such wonderful capabilities that even without eyes he easily understood things that people with eyes find difficult to follow.

Figures of geometry

Then he went through all the later learning, and what is strangest, he even studied that famous science, geometry, under the guidance of a philosopher, whom he ordered to get him the figures made in solid material (or in relief). For by feeling these all over with his hands he gained comprehension of all the theorems and

Turkish War part 20

For the man they load with blessings and escort and hold in high respect to-day, they treat in exactly the opposite way without feeling any shame, when they see the throw of his life’s die changed. But the Emperor silenced them by a gesture and again spoke, saying, ” There is no need for you to make a noise or try to subvert the decision I have taken. For, as I said, I for my part have granted pardon to all, and shall shew myself the same towards you hereafter as I did before.”

While the Emperor was granting pardon to these men, the originators of the plan sent, without the Emperor’s knowledge, and had Diogenes blinded. They further decreed that the same thing should be done to Cecaumenos Catacalon as he had been Diogenes’ fellow-conspirator. This was the day of the commemoration of the Chief Apostles. This deed has been the subject of discussion from that day until now; but whether the Emperor was let into the secret by its authors, and gave

Turkish War part 19

The Emperor himself was not altogether at his ease (I speak humanly, without regard to the fact that he trusted every thing to God), for considering the mixed character of the meeting he feared that they might be meditating some unforeseen and horrible thing against him. However he composed himself by vigorous reasoning and once he had braced himself to the struggle lie began his speech to them (whilst they stood more dumb even than fish, as if their tongues had been cut out). He said, “You know that Diogenes never suffered any ill-treatment at my hands.

For it was not I that snatched the sceptre of this Empire from his father’s hand, but another; nor have I ever done anything to cause him hurt or pain. And when this Empire was transferred to my hands by the entire will of God, not only did I guard him and his brother alike, but I loved and treated them like my own children. And as often as I have detected Nicephorus plotting against me, so often have I granted

Turkish War part 18

These were afraid that amidst the popular concourse on the morrow a few men might make a dash at the Emperor and cut him to pieces on the throne, as men often carried their swords under their garments, as that rascal did who in guise of suppliant came to him when he was playing polo. (The only way to meet this difficulty seemed to be to strip the people of all the hopes they had centred on Diogenes by spreading abroad a rumour that he had been secretly blinded.) So they collected and sent out a few men to impart this news as a secret to everybody, although such an idea had never yet entered the Emperor’s mind. And this report, though slight at first, yet proceeded to do its work, as my story will soon make clear.

When the sun bad stepped over the horizon and leapt up in his glory, those of the Emperor’s suite who had not been parties to Diogenes’ treachery, and the soldiers who from of old were his appointed bodyguard, came to the Emperor’s tent fir

Turkish War part 17

After Diogenes had been detected, put into chains and banished, the leading men in his conspiracy who had not already been arrested, knew that they had become objects of suspicion and grew very nervous and anxious about their course of action. The Emperor’s friends, perceiving their agitated condition, felt that they themselves were in a difficult situation, for they realized that the Emperor was hardly pressed and that danger was constantly hovering over his head, as for protection he could now only rely on a circumscribed few.

Numerous recollections

The Emperor kept revolving everything from the beginning in his mind, the many occasions Diogenes had plotted against him and been thwarted by the Divine power, and the fact that he had actually tried to murder him with his own hand, and he became very troubled by these numerous recollections. He changed his mind ever so often, for he recognized that the entire military and political bodies had been corrupte