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Motorsports`s base Istanbul

Asa cultural and a touristic city, signed already. Asa result of all Istanbul also became one of the this success, it seems Istanbul the most important base of will be the base of motorsports motorsports in the world. After organizations in coming years, the complement of Istanbul Park which is the most modern racing track, Istanbul became the attraction of motorsports organizations.

With the success of Formula 1 other organizations such as DTM, WTCC, FIA GT, Le Mans and Moto GP was held in Istanbul too. All these races have organized successfully so that future long term one`s

City of Finals

Istanbul is now hosting major sports events in a worldwide scale. After the Champions League final in 2005 Istanbul is now preparing to host UEFA Cup finals in 2009. Final match will be played at Sukru Saragoglu Stadium

Another grand organization to be hold in Istanbul is the World Basketball Championship Final 2010. Final m


Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Professional Facilities and Service Planners Demand, the Exotic Destination and Memorable Events Delegates Expect The Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Centre (ICEC) , has everthing you need to organize memorable and successful congresses and exhibitions in the imperial city of Istanbul. The only place in Istanbul where 3,500 delegates can sit down together for a five-star gala dinner, ICEC offers you an outstanding combination of state-of-the-art facilities and superior service.

Ballroom and Auditorium

Istanbul`s Largest Ballroom and Auditorium

Kucuk Ayasofya church

Rome, Hellenism and Orient had unified here in a unique, and never imitate bled monument. Apart from the Kucuk Ayasofya church, Hagia Eirene Church, the Underground Palace (Yerebatan Sarayi) and Binbirdirek are what have survived since those glittering days. First, however; Haghia Sophia, the church of “the divine wisdom”, is the most significant indicator of the power and splendor of the Justinian period.

In spite of the internal competition and the threat of rapidly spreading Islam, the commercial power in Bosporus stayed as the most magnificent and great focus point of the Medieval age until the 13^ century. However, it was also the center of competition of noble dynasties struggling to rule this power, a corrupted administration, several intrigues and horrifying murders. After the Byzantine army had been defeated in Malazgirt in 1071, Asia Minor was taken by Selcuks; this was the first sign for the coming catastrophe of the East Roman Empire.

Constantinople ex

Personal Istanbul tour for Ethiopia Diplomatic group

Istanbul Tour Guides – Ensar – private Istanbul tour for Ethiopia Diplomatic group on 4th of March 2016

We started our tour with Blue Mosque which is one of the most famous mosques of the world. Due to the Friday pray, we couldn`t go inside. However, Ensar one of the best Istanbul tour guides talked about the Blue Mosque in Hippodrome.

It was raining a little bit when we were going around the Hippodrome. It was difficult to keep ourselves dry but it gave a great ambiance to the tour. At least, that`s what I think. Rain is always bit more difficult for Istanbul Tour Guides.

After we saw the monuments from Roman Hippodrome, we carried on to Hagia Sophia, a place that must be seen wi

Mihrimah Mosque

Mimar Sinan built this extremely beautiful mosque on the highest point of the city for Mihrimah Sultan, the daughter of Suleyman the Magnificent in 1560. The mosque is one of the dazzling late-period masterpieces of the master. The significant form of the construction is lively and original: A cube, a 37m high dome on it, and a thin and long minaret next to it. The light passing through the curves of the walls with three rows of windows enlighten the area and increases feeling of relief. Edimekapi

Ortakoy Mosque

The mosque, built for Sultan Abdulmecit in the 19th, century right at the seashore, is one of the stunning examples of the late period Ottoman architecture with its elegance.

Best Port Coffee House

The biggest and the most prominent coffee house in Eyup is without a doubt the Bostan Port Coffee House. The significance of the coffee house that was opened next to the Eyup Port during the reign of Selim III, is that it was the place where prominent musicians of the period used to gather here to play. Among the regulars were Buyuk Dede Efendi and Eyubi Mehmet Bey. Musicians who gathered here used to play and sing until the evening and the most prominent, popular songs of Istanbul were written and sung here. Zekai Dede Efendi was also tutored by masters here and became the most prominent figure in Ottoman music. Built on poles nailed on the Golden Horn, the coffee house was torn down during the project of cleaning the Golden Horn of factories.


It used to be located in the park opposite the building which is now used as Health Museum in

Bosphorus in Istanbul

Trip to Bosphorus The visitors must absolutely take a trip to Bosphorus by ferry. The ferry passes below the two bridges, visits the landings of neighbor hoods as beautiful as paintings, and creeps away from one continent to the other, one shore to another during the whole afternoon. The commercial ships, generally with Russian flag …

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