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Enigmatic Istanbul is an endless story. It’s the story of Istanbul’s many names, the story of settling the city, ‘Opposite the blind’. Although these two stories might be enough for some, for others they are just the beginning. Istanbul is rich in many things. One cannot miss the history Istanbul offers. Then, there is the culture. Turkish cuisine. Definitely, spiritual Istanbul. A day is not enough to see the city but you need a day, even a few hours, to feel addicted to it. Istanbul daily tours

Mevlana, the whirling dervishes and Istanbul private tours Mevlevi

Mevlana is a symbol of love and tolerance. And the dervishes are members of the Mevlevi Order of Sufis. They are the creation of Mevlana. They are the ‘turners’ or ‘dervishes’ who symbolise their religious beliefs by means of their ecstatic dance. This dance is a prayer. It is an attempt for a closer relationship with God. A spiritual journey of the soul.

‘There are many roads which

Guided Istanbul Tour Dervishes


Contact us and become part of the experience called Istanbul. Especially guided Istanbul tour dervishes experience. This is the place which likes to introduce Mevlana, its poetry, wisdom and dervishes to you and ‘feed’ your souls. In other words, this is spiritual Istanbul. The cosmopolitan city, the fairy tale for Gods, sultans, palaces, concubines. But one for love and tolerance as well, has always been an alluring destination.

Whirling dervishes shows in Istanbul

Who are the dervishes? Are they only ‘turners’, people in long, white gowns who learnt the skill of revolving? Or are they something more than that?

Dervishes are the creation of Mevlana. They are members of the Mevlevi Order of Sufis. They symbolise their religious beliefs by means of their ecstatic dance. This dance is a prayer. It is an attempt for a closer relationship with God. A spiritual journey of the soul. Dervishes aim to get closer to God by their virtues instea

Private Istanbul Tours


A lot has been said and written about Istanbul. Still, the city is an endless source of information. It’s definitely worth trying getting to know Istanbul better and better. Private Istanbul tours, as well as Istanbul walking tour, are a perfect opportunity for a beginner-visitor to the city to put the base. Let me tell you, do not think a day or two is enough. These are only to make you feel and understand the need of a longer stay. Since Istanbul offers more and more intriguing facts about itself, you ought to spare more time there in order to grasp everything that interests you istanbul private tours mevlevi.

Istanbul has the capacity to keep everybody entertained. In fact, Turkey itself does that very well. Round tours turkey reveal the beauty of the country, the culture, the people. You travel around  Turkey and you fall deeper in love.

Private Istanbul tours, a little something for everyone

Istanbul Walking Tour


Istanbul walking tour

‘Out beyond ideas
of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.’

Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th century

Byzantium, Constantinople, Stamboul are all different names of the giant that everyone today knows as Istanbul. Many things have been written about that cosmopolitan city. Many stories have been told and many more will be in the future since the city is an endless source of information.

When thinking about Istanbul, it always seems to conjure up many faces in my head. It looks like one of those dragons from the fairy-tales that have many heads. Each one of them living its own life and still they are in perfect harmony and peace. Istanbul is the Romans, the Ottomans and the modern Turks of today. Mevlana had never been to Istanbul but he is part of the city as well, just like he is part of whole Turkey. Istanbul private tours Mevlevi

Private Istanbul Tour


Private Istanbul tour around Istanbul

We made IstanbulDay for the individual tourists who like to have private Istanbul tour. The private tours, especially designed for you, give the chance to tourists to see Istanbul with Ensar Islamoglu’s eyes. It won’t be exaggerated to say that he is the best private Istanbul tour guide. In short, all you need to explore Istanbul is a pair of good walking shoes; definitely, public transportation or taxi; and of course, Ensar, twenty one-year-of-experience Turkey tour guide guide ensar.

To get your tailor made private Istanbul tour, you can check the web site. There you will find lots of information, pictures and hints about customized Istanbul tours. Still, the easiest thing is send an email to Ensar Islamoglu. He will give you detailed information about the places you would like to visit. He will answer your questions with pleasure.

Istanbul tours not for a day

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Do we need guide Ensar


Ensar guide – Istanbul is not an ordinary place. It’s a cosmopolitan city that dates centuries back. It survived different rullers, empires. Istanbul hosted many people with all their stories, thoughts, desires…

It is a city that can offer you many things. You watch it with your eyes wide open istanbul walking tour.

If you like to get as much of it as possible, then you surely need a guide

Ensar guide will make your Istanbul tour special

If you like to make your Istanbul tour special, a visit-to-remember, educational and fun, then you need Ensar guide. He will make you feel at home in Istanbul. Ensar will tell you about Istanbul like noone else. He is the sweetest storyteller among the guides and the sweetest guide among the storytellers.

Amicable, adaptable, fun, full of knowledge… as guide Ensar is, he will make you feel like a local and take you to places that locals love. Trust him and you will

Tour guide Ensar


Tour guide Ensar

I was born in Turkey and live in Turkey, Istanbul. I have been a professional tour guide for 25 years. Although I am a licensed guide for whole Turkey. As Tour guide Ensar,  I am especially an expert on the daily Istanbul tours. One thing that you can be sure about is on whatever tour you are with me in Istanbul, you will be satisfied. I also really like meeting new people from different countries and cultures. It doesn’t matter where you come from, you will find something from you and your culture in my city – Istanbul private istanbul tour

No matter what tour I do – whether it is a city tour in Istanbul or a longer tour in Anatolia, around Turkey, Black Sea region or a tour abroad, I always approach to people and my job professionally, with understanding and patience.

I’m interested in Mythology, History, Art History, Archaeology, Architecture, Computers.

I am so happy because my work is my hobby <a href="ht

Ensar Islamoglu – ask your question about Istanbul


Ensar Islamoglu – ask your question about Istanbul

Me, Ensar Islamoglu, as a private tour guide answered the Frequently Asked Questions about Istanbul, in the following section. If still you cannot find the question you wonder about, please use the contact page and write to me. Don’t hesitate! You never know, I might put your question with your name on the FAQ page guide ensar.

I am specialist on tailor-made tours like Istanbul guided customized tours. For more information please contact me with the size of your group for a free quote with no-obligation.

I am also so happy to introduce Ephesus and Turkey tours and to all our visitors to get more about Ephesus please check walking tours Ephesus, about Turkey please check Turkey private round tour ensar islamoglu.

Istanbul Custom Tours


Istanbul Custom Tours – Interestanbul

Bosphorus Bridge Top Istanbul is the only city in the world which is settled on two continents. Istanbul is the place where the eastern and the western cultures come together in harmony. While you are having your Istanbul Custom Tours in Europe you can easily see Asia with its sightseeing tour guide ensar.

Although the best way to explore Istanbul is by walking, you still need a pair of comfortable shoes. Why do you need them? Because while enjoying your walking tour in the old city of Istanbul, you will realise that Istanbul is the city settled on seven hills. Not only do you need a pair of comfortable shoes, but you also need a good Istanbul guide. It can be Ensar, Ensar Islamoglu – a great tour guide for Istanbul Custom Tours. His love and passion for Turkey make him your best choiceistanbul custo

Istanbul shopping tours – shopping paradise


Istanbul shopping tours – shopping paradise…

Istanbul is a shopping paradise for everybody. That’s why we decided to make Istanbul shopping tours. You can find anything there at good and reasonable price. Turkish Carpet, Turkish leather, Turkish silk, Turkish textile and many more… Turkey is the second biggest textile and silk producer of the world ensar islamoglu.

Only Grand Bazaar has almost 4000 shops. It is the oldest and the biggest shopping mall. For your Istanbul shopping tours you need to wear comfortable shoes and let Ensar Islamoglu teach you how to do bargaining. You will find out that in almost all the shops shopkeepers and shop assistants are so polite and honest.

Spice Market is the place you can’t leave without buying something. It is the place for spice and Turkish delight. We call it ‘sweet stop’ of Istanbul shopping tours. You can try everything in the shop and they won’t charge you a penny for th

In the Storm part 1


Turkish War part 4