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Embracing Nature’s Challenges


The GOLDOSK Adventure

Crocuses Smiling Under the Rain!

Would you continue walking on muddy mountain paths even if dark rain-loaded clouds covered the sky, and a sharp, razor-like wind cut through you, releasing its cold raindrops into your clothes? Beyond the mountains, in nature’s embrace, we walk into the wind and rain, facing these challenging conditions.

Rain falls, the wind blows, sticky mud hinders our progress From a Sunday Stroll to Nature Enthusiasts, limiting our vision. Despite the harsh conditions, last Sunday, tens of nature enthusiasts gathered, led by our guide, GOLDOSK. We are soaked and chilled, yet we walk towards Barla with smiles on our faces and warmth inside. The wet sky and ground may pity us, but we don’t mind. We walk, talk, and yellow and white crocuses smile at us.

On the ground, raindrops gather, forming tiny murky brooks, splashing. Our diverse group mo