From Alican and Dilucu border gates to Karakale

Igdir is known for its borders with three countries. The border with Armenia is ver. close. Alican border gate connects Igdir with Erivan and Dilucu border gate also connects Igdir with Nakhichevan. When you arrive the places the settlement areas may be observed very clearly, yet the border gates can not be crossed due- to security reasons, and by continuing through Central Igdir, we also pass through Karakale. Just across Karakale, there is also Armenia. Karakale, which is located at a location in west of Igdir Plain on thc Armenian border, at a location, suitable for defense, is one of the oldest settlement areas in the region. It dates back to the Urartus, maybe older. The walls of the fort has been destroyed by earthquakes and today they are totally wrecked. When we see that how we were close to Armenia with the Serdarabat bridge on AraƟ river, we can not conceal or surprise. After we determine our borders in our minds, we depart for our hotel in central Igdir

Central Ig