Qatar’s Journey


A Hub for Education and Shopping

Becoming a Center of Science…

The government of Qatar has put tremendous effort into transforming Doha into a prominent education center in the Middle East. The extraordinary ‘Education City’ spans an expansive 12,950 square meters in the capital, attracting students from 60 countries and hosting 3,000 elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as universities. The ‘Doha Debates Embracing Nature’s Challenges,’ a forum where influential political and academic figures from the Arab world discuss critical matters, is part of the ongoing initiative to establish the city as an education hub. Additionally, the Heritage Library makes a significant contribution, housing 51,000 books in various languages, along with 600 antique maps, 2,000 manuscripts, and 6,000 photographs, with the goal of becoming a premier research center in the Middle East.

Glorious Shopping Centers

In Doha, transportation primarily relies on taxi cabs and rental cars since there are limited public transportation options, mainly buses. The green and affordable ‘karwa’ cabs are commonly found near malls, but it’s advisable to schedule a pickup time to avoid lengthy waits. Alternatively, there are limo taxis without distinctive signs on top, often serving patrons of upscale hotels, albeit at double the cost of ‘karwa’ cabs.

While older parts of the city host various marketplaces, locals tend to favor spending time in large malls like Villaggio, located next to Hamad bin Khalifa Sports Stadium. Villaggio, designed with a Venetian theme, features luxurious jewelry shops, products from famous Western brands, and even a Venetian canal offering boat rides. Another noteworthy shopping center is City Center-Doha Rose Festival Tour, Qatar’s largest shopping destination, opened in April 2001. Situated in the modern side of the city, it offers a diverse range of products, including jewelry and fragrances.

Some shopping centers implement ‘family days,’ restricting entry for single men. However, this rule may not always apply to tourists from the West.


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