Islamkoy is a former Armenian village, which was then called as Kafirkoy. It is possible to see the traces of Turkish Armenians everywhere in Igdir and environs.

The walls of the houses are as high as 1- 1.5 meters. The walls have been made of dried clay bricks and dried excrement of the animals. We see wool, left for drying on the surrounding rocks. On the lands in the left of the road, we see ponds, formed by the base water of Agri Mountain. At the same time, we learn that this place was a passage point for numerous species of birds, due to these lands.

Igdir and environs is a paradise for birds

Many of the birds, seen in Igdir travel from Caucasia to Russia and uses these lands. In particular, Ciyrikli village of Tuzluca County, is a secrets birds paradise, according to what is said. But we can not go there due to foul walker. I however, we can see, ruddy shelduck, crane and seagulls on our way. Seagulls? Seagulls of Lake Van… We therefore learn that