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Balkan tours – adventurous and relaxing journey

Balkan tours – reading books and watching films about Balkan countries is a good start. Thus you get some knowledge and a desire to see. This can make you dream about visiting these places and experiencing the culture. Balkan tours can be the door for an exciting, relaxing and adventurous journey through some of the most interesting places on the Balkans.

We are a tour operator based in Bulgaria. And one of the people who live on the Balkans. Believe us, it’s worth travelling around and learning more about the Balkan Peninsula. Even if you have already been to that mystique part of the world, you still have many things to discover and understand.

At first sight, the Balkans look like any other place on the world. But getting to know it better, travelling around, will take you deeper and deeper in its breathing, full of life organism. An organism composed of many cells like culture, history, food, entertainment, people…

Balkan tours – the countries

Balkan tours is not a fixed tour. It is a tailor-made-by-you tour. The tour which best suits you – preference like, time like… Shortly, you are the designer of the tour which will take you to the Balkan countries. Countries, each one of which veiled in mysticism characteristic for the Balkan Peninsula only. You will be able to visit Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia. Also North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro. 

If we divide the Balkans according to their uniqueness and yet their sameness, a probable division would take Bulgaria to the group of breath-taking landscapes. Then, Romania – the country of mysterious castles and the legends that go with them. Follows Croatia – beautiful coastlines. And Montenegro – again the coastlines which go with quality beaches and seasides that surround lovely old towns. We shouldn’t forget about Bosnia and Herzegovina with its nature and amazing waterfalls. Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina can be leaders for those who like the history of communism and socialism. Of course, Balkan tours and Turkey – warm hospitality, delicious cuisine along with profound history. Greece – history, friendly people, interesting archaeological sites, vibrant nightlife, and relaxing beaches. Serbia, the magnificent country in the heart of the Balkans conceals precious treasures. Then, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. 

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