Grand Bazaar


Daily Tours Istanbul – The first shopping mall of the world!?

That’s true. The Grand Bazaar is the first mall of the world. It is also like a living museum. Why a museum?! And why living?! Well, we can call it a museum because of its great 557 years of history. Not only that but all the visitors as well going to the Bazaar every day and all the shops that sell modern and traditional things. And that’s what makes it living – all its visitors. All these people, locals or tourists, all with their stories and worries. All of them looking for something – a specific herb or simply time spent great. The Grand Bazaar is the ideal place for shopping lovers and positive-emotion seekers. The Grand Bazaar is the perfect jewel for Istanbul. Make sure you join daily tours Istanbul or Istanbul old city tours. There your guide Ensar will teach you the not-so-easy job of bargaining istanbul guided private tours.

You feel the temptation to be a part of a place where people make business deals? The place where import/export businesses flourish, and you have a real interest in bargaining? Then, why not visit one of Istanbul’s most significant tourist sites? Although people mainly consider it a tourist trap, the Grand Bazaar – one of the biggest covered markets in the world, attracts locals as well. Once you are there, make sure you are full of patience and desire to make good deals. For the Grand Bazaar is a place where bargaining is a general sport daily tours istanbul.


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