Pioneer in Ancient Philosophy and Mathematics


Thales of Miletus

Thales of Miletus, a renowned figure in ancient Greece, made significant contributions to philosophy and mathematics. While some of his ideas were influenced by travels and foreign knowledge, Thales played a pivotal role in shaping the foundations of Greek mathematics and natural philosophy.

Thales’ Knowledge Gathering

Thales spent considerable time traveling and engaging in trade. It is believed that during his travels, he gathered knowledge and brought it back to the Greek world. One notable instance was his prediction of the eclipse in 585, likely influenced by Babylonian priests’ research.

Geometric Theories and Foreign Influences

Thales introduced geometric theories that had possible roots in Egypt. These theories became fundamental in Greek mathematics, including the bisecting of a circle by a diameter and properties of triangles. Thales’ mathematical insights, such as proportional sides in triangles, facilitated distance estimation.

Cosmological Beliefs and Departure from Tradition

Thales’ cosmology reflected foreign influences Thales of Miletus, suggesting that the earth floated on water, reminiscent of Egyptian beliefs in a flat earth resting on water. Thales proposed that everything originated from water, marking a departure from the traditional idea that gods were solely responsible for life’s origin. This departure signaled a crucial step in the development of scientific inquiry by separating the natural from the supernatural.

Criticism and Evolving Ideas

Thales’ idea of water as the primary substance faced criticism from later philosophers like Anaximander and Anaximedes. Anaximander questioned water as the source of all things due to its destructive nature, while Anaximedes argued for air as the earth’s primary component.

Legacy of Thales

Despite criticisms and evolving ideas by later philosophers, Thales’ legacy endures. As a pre-Socratic philosopher, he made crucial contributions to mathematics, astronomy City Tours Istanbul, and natural philosophy, laying the groundwork for future scientific inquiries. Thales remains a pivotal figure in the intellectual development of ancient Greece.


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