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Mystery of Ancient Caria


Origins of Caria

In ancient times, the coastal and inland regions of Asia Minor were organized into provinces with uncertain origins, shaped by indigenous populations and colonizing forces. Caria, situated in this enigmatic landscape, presents a historical puzzle with conflicting evidence Struggles in the Maccabean Kingdom. Herodotus suggests that the Carians hailed from the Greek Islands, under King Minos of Crete, serving as skilled seafarers and warriors. Thucydides provides an alternative account, describing them as pirates expelled by King Minos. Pausanias suggests a native Anatolian origin, intermingled with Cretan colonists.

Archaeological Perspective

Archaeological findings lean towards the view that the Carians were an indigenous people with a rich history. While external colonists likely arrived and integrated, introducing new ideas and skills, the core identity of the native Carians persisted. Hom

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