Republic of Congo Diplomatic group


Guided Tour Istanbul for the Republic of Congo Diplomatic group on 11th March

We started the Guided Tour Istanbul from Hippodrome. Again it was Friday and we couldn’t go into Sultan Ahmet Mosque. We talked a little bit outside about Blue Mosque – how beautiful it is inside, how magnificent and blue it is as well. The blue colour comes from the Iznik tiles. I hope the people from the group will come back but this time they will bring their families. They will join our customized Istanbul tours to see other amazing sites in Istanbul.

Today a nice surprise was waiting for us in Roman Hippodrome. It was the first tulips of the year. They are so welcome. They are like summer romance for us. Maximum we see them 2 months and the rest of the 10 months we miss them. Luckily, Istanbul is beautiful and unique in every season and city tours Istanbul can prove it istanbul tour guides.

After Roman Hippodrome, we visited Hagia Sophia. That pretty ‘lady’ is more than 1500 years old and still no other cathedral has been built as quickly as Hagia Sophia. Its mosaics and calligraphy are from two different religions but stay so peacefully together.

Highlight of Guided Tour Istanbul, Topkapi Place

Topkapi Palace was the highlight of our Guided Tour Istanbul. We went through all history, of course in summarised format, because we are talking for a period of something like 400 years guided tour istanbul.


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