When was Istanbul settled?


Istanbul daily tours – The earliest-known settlement in the area, which people now know as Istanbul, was probably founded around 1000 BC. Its name was Semistra. Then appeared a small fishing village, named Lygos. Lygos was settled on the European side. Then, around 700 BC colonists from Megara in Greece, founded the city of Chalcedon on the European shore of the Bosphorus.

Istanbul Daily Tours – Byzantium, comes after a Megarean colonist

The next name of the settlement – Byzantium, comes after a Megarean colonist, Byzas, who established his new colony. There is a legend that says that Byzas was the son of Poseidon and a nymph, daughter of Zeus and Io. Before he was leaving Greece, he asked the oracle at Delphi where he should establish his new colony istanbul daily tours. The answer he got was enigmatic – ‘Opposite the blind’.

While he was sailing up the Bosphorus, he remembered the words of the oracle as he noticed the colony on the Asian shore at Chalcedon. Then on the European shore he saw the small fishing village of Lygos. It was built on a magnificent and easily fortified natural harbour of the Golden Horn. Thinking, as legend has it, that the settlers of Chalcedon must have been blind to disregard such a good and strategic position, Byzas and his fellows settled their new town there and named it after its founder Byzas, Byzantium (Istanbul city tour)

Historical development of modern Istanbul

The history of Istanbul explains the historical development of modern Istanbul (private Istanbul tour) is the best way to see it ). It tells us about other rulers of the place, other names, empires…till today. You can learn all about these in Istanbul Daily Tours istanbul tours.

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