Where does the name Istanbul come from?


Istanbul Tours – Istanbul was officially adopted as a sole name in 1930. Through the ages the city of Istanbul has changed its name several times. It is a city with intriguing history, a city of many legends, rulers… The first name of the place was Byzantium or Byzantion. It was founded by Greek colonists from Megara.

Before the city became widely known by the name Constantinople, it changed two other names, Augusta Antonina and New Rome, for a short period. Then, in honour of Constantine the Great, Istanbul was named Constantinople and became the new eastern capital of the Roman Empire customized guided tour.

Istanbul Tours – Konstantiniyye became the most formal

After the Ottoman conquest in 1453 the name Konstantiniyye became the most formal official name in Ottoman Turkish. With that name Istanbul became known in the Islamic world.  It remained like that for most of the time up to 1923, the year Turkey became Republic. Ottoman authorities showed preferences to other names as well during that period istanbul tours The modern Turkish name Istanbul is attested since the 10th century and it comes from the Greek phrase ‘istimbolin’; meaning ‘in the city’ or ‘to the city’. Although after the creation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923 Istanbul remains the official name of the city. Many foreigners referred to it with their traditional non-Turkish names. After the kind request of the Turkish official authoritıes and after letters and packages addressed to ‘Constantinople’ instead of ‘Istanbul’ were no longer delivered by the Turkey’s PTT. The new name of Istanbul was eventually adopted worldwide.


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